This 12 month course equips young people with leadership skills to excel in life and ministry. The sessions are split into the 4 components of ministry input, workshops, personal study, and practical objectives. Some of the topics covered include: philosophy of ministry; the power of prayer; reflection on Matthew 10; loving and being loved; sharing your testimony; ministry skills; the great commission; keeping your first love; evangelism; preparing and presenting a message. This course empowers the next generation of leaders.
kingdom communicators
Kingdom Communicators is a 5 session course to equip and empower people to become compelling teachers and preachers of the Word. This course covers topics such as: the why of communication; the heart of the communicator; the power of the Word of God, exegeting passages of scripture;  the privilege of preaching; overcoming fear to fruitfulness; preparing and presenting a message and much much more. During the course the participants will present a 5min message which would be reviewed in an individual meeting with Ps Brent.
Empowering you to be all you can be in God. This 3 week course will help you understand your identity. Who God has made you, and what He has created you to do. You will understand your natural gifting, your spiritual gifts and what your personality type is.
‘Starting the Journey’ is a 2 session course for those who are new to faith to explore the spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible reading and community. This course empowers individuals in their journey towards a growing, intimate, vibrant, Word-empowered relationship with God.
This booklet explores the biblical foundations for baptism. Exploring scriptures which reveal the beauty and power of Baptism that: unites us with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus; represents freedom from sin; is a declaration of us being raised up to new and full life in Jesus; and symbolises empowerment of the Holy Spirit for ministry. It also walks you through the practical components that will prepare you for the significant day.

baptism kids